Chapter 332: Zhang Shuyue’s Apology, Jun Xiaomo’s Suspicion

On the second day, Jun Xiaomo woke up and left her room only when it was time for lunch, and she yawned as she lazily made her way towards the great hall.

Last night, both she and Ye Xiuwen spent the better part of the night combing through the entire valley, roughly identifying and grasping the nature and effects of all of the formation arrays around them. Unfortunately, even though eliciting a cursory understanding these formation arrays was an easy task, grasping a deeper understanding of the detailed aspects of these formation arrays was far more difficult. At the very least, it was not a process that could be completed in the span of a couple of days. Thus, she decided after gleaning a cursory understanding of the formation arrays that it would be wise to return to her room to make up for the loss of sleep.

With that, she slept straight through breakfast and only awakened at noontime.

Since it was time for lunch, all of the other Heavenly Peak disciples had already gathered in the great hall, and the great hall was also abuzz with chatter and conversations. Then, as soon as Jun Xiaomo appeared, the atmosphere in the great hall seemed to pause for a little bit, before everyone began nudging each other in the ribs as they cast mischievous glances at Jun Xiaomo.

Jun Xiaomo raised her eyebrows, wondering what exactly these mischievous glances meant.

One of the livelier martial brothers coughed dryly as he poked fun at Jun Xiaomo, “Little Martial Sister, seems like your escapade...

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