Chapter 331: Jun Xiaomo’s Insomnia, Xiang Guqing’s Ploy

That very night, a vexatious feeling constantly plagued Jun Xiaomo’s heart and mind, keeping her awake and tossing and turning in bed. Thus, she got up, left her room, and leapt up to the tallest building in the region nearby.

Jun Xiaomo lay on her back on the building’s roof. Placing her hands below her head as a pillow, she stared vacantly at the full moon hanging high in the sky. At this moment, she felt as though she had become but one of the wisps of clouds floating in the sky under the moon, drifting about aimlessly.

The full moon represented unity or reunion in the mortal world. Jun Xiaomo’s mind had been consumed by the incidents occurring over the last few days, and it was only on this night that she finally found the time to slow down and process everything that had happened in the blink of an eye. At the same time, it was only when she slowed down and assessed her goals and targets that she realized just how much more she had to do.

“Sigh, I wonder where Father and Mother are right now? And I wonder where Brother Rong and Master have gone to as well…” Jun Xiaomo sighed as she thought aloud.

It was reasonable to expect the news of how she and Martial Brother Ye had rescued the previously captured Heavenly Peak disciples to already have spread far and wide throughout the entire cultivation world. Unfortunately, she still hadn’t heard anything from Jun Linxuan or Liu Qingmei. It was as though the Heavenly Peak, together with its Peakmaster, had simply vaporized into thin air.

Then, there was...

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