Chapter 330: Zhou Zilong’s Distress, Zhang Shuyue’s Disapprobation

Zhang Shuyue had noticed Ye Xiuwen from the moment that he had stepped out from the room. In fact, her gaze had been transfixed on the tightly shut door to the room all this while, and there was a deep sense of hatred and reluctance boiling within the depths of her eyes. She couldn’t bear to think of what Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo might be doing within the room during this entire period of time.

She could no longer tell whether her reluctance was a result of just how smitten she was with Ye Xiuwen, or simply her inability to get her way with Ye Xiuwen. However, what she was certain about was the fact that Jun Xiaomo had dished out on her an unprecedented, grave humiliation that she had never tasted before – nobody had ever dared to treat her like that!

Zhang Shuyue looked at how Ye Xiuwen continued to press Zhou Zilong for answers, before turning her attention towards Zhou Zilong as she watched Zhou Zilong feebly cower in fear, completely unable to stand up for himself. Zhang Shuyue cursed Zhou Zilong in her heart for being so useless, and her mind began to contemplate various ways in which she could employ in order to extricate herself from her present predicament.

At the very least, she could not afford to allow everyone present to discover anything amiss before her master arrives.

With that goal in mind, Zhang Shuyue steadied her spirits and collected her thoughts. Then, suppressing...

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