Chapter 329: A Couple’s Confirmation, Zhou Zilong’s Interrogation

With an imposing air flourishing about him, Zhou Zilong marched over to the room. Then, when he finally arrived at the room and placed his hand on the room’s door, the tug of rationality began to return to his mind.

It’s Martial Brother Ye and Martial Sister Xiaomo in the room, and they’re “busying” themselves right now…

As this notion flickered across Zhou Zilong’s mind, he immediately pulled back his hand as though he had touched something scalding hot.

I…I think I’d still better wait for them to finish “busying” themselves before confronting them. There’s no rush after all. Zhou Zilong thought to himself with some measure of awkwardness in his heart. He had hesitated as soon as he considered the sight which he would be greeted with as soon as he barged into the room, as well as the cool, unwavering gaze from Ye Xiuwen’s eyes.

After all, Zhou Zilong couldn’t bring himself to barge in when he had begun to even hear the intermittent moaning and groaning sounds echoing out from the depths of the room. Thus, he immediately turned tail and returned to the rest of the group.

When she saw how Zhou Zilong had returned to the group without having achieved anything, a trace of disdain and disappointment flickered across the depths of Zhang Shuyue’s eyes – I knew that this man could never be entrusted with anything!

Yet, within the room, Jun Xiaomo did not particularly enjoy the experience as everyone outside had expected. In fact, she began...

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