Chapter 327: Ye Xiuwen’s Hesitation, Jun Xiaomo’s Resolve

As soon as Jun Xiaomo expelled Zhang Shuyue from the room, she shed her cold, vicious expression and immediately returned to the side of the bed. Then, looking anxiously at Ye Xiuwen, she asked helplessly, “Martial Brother, what happened to you? Don’t scare me, please. Was it Zhang Shuyue who made you become like this?”

It stood to reason that Jun Xiaomo was panicking. After all, despite her incredible proficiency in the disciplines of formation arrays and talismans, she was no better than a toddler in the realm of medicines. At best, all she knew were the basics that was common to all cultivators. Thus, she had no way of discerning what was wrong with Ye Xiuwen’s body right now.

Ye Xiuwen had been so tormented by the effects of the drugs that his eyes were completely bloodshot, almost as though he were a cultivator experiencing a demonic upheaval, and there was not a single bit of rationality left in the depths of his eyes.

He did not respond to Jun Xiaomo. Instead, he simply continued to stare at Jun Xiaomo, as though a frenzied beast that had just locked onto its prey.

Jun Xiaomo’s heart constricted. While she was concerned and anxious about Ye Xiuwen’s current plight, she also felt a flicker of danger for a fleeting moment.

Gritting her teeth, she stretched out her hand and reached for Ye Xiuwen’s wrist. Even...

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