Chapter 326: Jun Xiaomo’s Revenge, Zhang Shuyue’s Fury

“Zhang Shuyue, it looks almost as though you’re not afraid of death at all.” Jun Xiaomo coldly remarked as gave Zhang Shuyue a soulless gaze, almost as though Zhang Shuyue were no more than a dead person.

Zhang Shuyue paused midway through her shrill cackle and mocked back, “Afraid of death? You’re the ones who are going to die, not me. What do I have to fear? Do you know something? You Heavenly Peak disciples are already notorious among the rest of the spiritual cultivation world, and there’s already a huge bounty on all of your heads. Right now, everyone is vying for the opportunity to kill you to claim the juicy bounty. Where do you think you’re going to hide from all these people?!”

Jun Xiaomo had already expected an outcome like this, so Zhang Shuyue’s provocations did nothing more than tickle Jun Xiaomo, much less cast fear or dread into Jun Xiaomo’s heart.

Jun Xiaomo smirked, “So what? Zhang Shuyue, rather than spending all your time and energy worrying about whether we will be able to escape from our persecutors, why don’t you worry about whether you’ll even be able to see the light of day tomorrow?”

Zhang Shuyue wiped a streak of blood trickling out the side of her lips as she retorted, “Jun Xiaomo, do you think that you’ll be able to kill me just because your cultivation level is higher than mine? Let me tell you...

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