Chapter 324: Zhang Shuyue’s Scheme; Ye Xiuwen is Trapped!

Jun Xiaomo couldn’t be bothered to butt heads and flap lips against Zhou Zilong any longer, and she motioned to follow after Ye Xiuwen once more. Yet to her dismay, Zhou Zilong stepped in front of her, obstructing her movements again.

“Martial Brother Zhou, just what are you trying to do?!” Jun Xiaomo had discovered for the very first time how this martial brother of hers could be completely impervious to reason.

“I…I’m just trying to ask Little Martial Sister to give Miss Zhang some time. She really doesn’t have any ill intentions. She…she’s incredibly hurt by the turn of events, and she wishes to have one final attempt to clear the air so that she would be willing to give up.” Zhou Zilong’s face flushed red as he explained.

He sincerely felt that his actions were not being fair to his Little Martial Sister. However, he also believed in Zhang Shuyue’s character – he believed that she would know her limits and act in moderation, and he believed that she would never do anything that would hurt his Little Martial Sister.

Yet Jun Xiaomo simply chuckled coldly, “Isn’t the fact that Martial Brother Ye and I are officially together sufficient for her to give up? What else is she looking for? Are you saying that she wants to attempt snatching Martial Brother Ye from right under my nose, and she’s only willing to give up when her efforts end in failure?”

Zhou Zilong was rendered completely speechless by Jun Xiaomo’s spiel. After all, he hardly...

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