Chapter 323: Zhang Shuyue’s Relentless Schemes

The reason why Zhang Shuyue had done nothing apart from making an appearance from time to time to make her existence known was because of her master’s instructions.

Xiang Guqing was already heading back with an entourage of reinforcements, and her latest instructions were for Zhang Shuyue to keep the Heavenly Peak disciples where they were, as well as to refrain from alerting them to the potential dangers that were headed straight towards them.

Thus, she did as her master had instructed. Besides, there was simply no way Zhang Shuyue would be able to deal with the entire group of Heavenly Peak disciples with just her own abilities. If she made a move and inadvertently alerted them to the fact that something was up, there was no doubt that she would be the one suffering the most.

The Heavenly Peak disciples had begun to treat Zhang Shuyue extremely well over the last few days, ever since she earned herself the title of Ye Xiuwen and Zhou Zilong’s benefactor. In fact, as long as Zhang Shuyue said the word, they would do it with the utmost diligence, no matter what the task was.

This was a form of recompense to Zhang Shuyue as well. After all, now that Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen were already officially together, they knew that it would be improper for Ye Xiuwen to overstep his boundaries and be too caring or concerned for her.

At the same time, Zhang Shuyue was particularly adept at tapping on her advantages. She was conscious of the fact that she had to act in moderation if she were not to attract the disdain and hatred of the...

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