Chapter 321: Zhou Zilong Is Moved, Jun Xiaomo’s Agony

The group of assailants that had ambushed the Heavenly Peak disciples had been hired by Zhang Shuyue through Xiang Guqing’s contacts.

Zhang Shuyue’s intention had always been to first ambush Zhou Zilong and the other Heavenly Peak disciples in order to lure out Ye Xiuwen, and then she would coordinate with the assailants so that she could play the part of a hero rescuing a “damsel in distress”. Given Ye Xiuwen’s righteous and kind personality, there was no doubt that he would want to return the favour. In turn, he would likely remain within the valley and even personally look after Zhang Shuyue until she recovered.

At that time, even if Jun Xiaomo wanted to object to such an arrangement, Ye Xiuwen might not stand on her side anymore. A victorious sensation washed through Zhang Shuyue’s heart whenever she contemplated the prospects of snatching Ye Xiuwen out from under Jun Xiaomo’s nose that way.

Besides, if she ended up rescuing Ye Xiuwen’s life, wouldn’t he be touched and moved by her sacrifice as well? Right now, all she was lacking was the perfect opportunity to leave an impression in Ye Xiuwen’s heart so that she could gain a foothold and foster a deeper relationship with him.

Therefore, this ambush should have presented an ideal opportunity for everything she had contemplated and planned. Unfortunately, her plans were thrown into complete chaos when Zhou Zilong rushed into the fray at the very last moment.

In the end, she failed to “rescue” Ye Xiuwen. To make matters worse,...

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