Chapter 320: Zhang Shuyue’s Scheme; Change of Circumstances

After Ye Xiuwen’s meticulous explanation of the situation, everyone around finally understood that they had misinterpreted Jun Xiaomo’s earlier words.

As it turns out, Jun Xiaomo had been far too tired at night that she had decided to remain in Ye Xiuwen’s room and retire for the night there. Nothing else happened between the both of them, and their relationship was completely clean and pure.

That said, everyone still had their doubts whether their relationship was still nothing more than that between mere martial siblings. Could there have been something else that had happened that everyone is unaware of?

The Heavenly Peak disciples had to be given credit for their acute and keen senses in this regard. After all, they could already smell the love in the air early this morning.

Jun Xiaomo’s face flushed slightly with a pink hue. She had never expected her own responses to give rise to such a horrendous misunderstanding on the part of her martial brothers.

Most importantly, after that earlier misunderstanding, it would be rather awkward for her to reveal the latest developments in the relationship between her and Martial Brother Ye, even though things were still completely innocent and pure.

Ye Xiuwen could see Jun Xiaomo’s bashfulness, and he smiled faintly as he patted her head, saying, “What are you guys still standing around for? Let’s take a seat. It’s difficult to eat while standing around.”

The Heavenly Peak disciples couldn’t help but smell something fishy about Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen. After all, they had not sensed anything out of the ordinary...

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