Chapter 317: A Moonlit Confession; A Settled Heart

Ye Xiuwen heart was deeply tormented, and his gaze grew deep and abstruse.

The lady that had held his heart captive for such a long time was now standing right in front of him, and he would be able to touch that tear-stained face and immerse himself in her soft, enchanting fragrance if he just lowered his head or lifted his arm. Ye Xiuwen could heart the thunderous beats of his heart thumping away with crescendo.

Previously, he had always been under the impression that Jun Xiaomo had always viewed him as nothing more than a dear martial brother, devoid of any affection or feelings as between a couple. Thus, he had always been afraid of overstepping his boundaries and jeopardizing their existing, cordial relationship.

But now, as Ye Xiuwen gazed into the vacant, puzzled look in Jun Xiaomo’s eyes, it suddenly dawned on him that things would never depart status quo if he did not actively make that first step. His Little Martial Sister would forever treat him as nothing more than a mere martial brother, and he might even be relegated to the sidelines when another man steps in and confesses to Jun Xiaomo.

Ye Xiuwen’s emotions right now were like a beast that had been caged for far too long – stifled and bound, yet always waiting expectantly for the day when it could break free of its shackles.

“Martial Brother?” Jun Xiaomo discovered that the atmosphere between them had grown thick and dense, to the extent that it was almost stifling. Jun Xiaomo’s spirits tensed up uncontrollably as she continued to gaze into Ye Xiuwen’s deep, abstruse eyes. She could see that his eyes were filled with her own image.

Then, Ye Xiuwen...

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