Chapter 316: Night-Time Candor, Jun Xiaomo’s Misery

It was only when Jun Xiaomo turned her attention back to Ye Xiuwen’s injuries that she finally discovered just how deep the wounds were. Ye Xiuwen’s chest and back were filled with injuries that were so deep that even his bones could even be seen. And that was not to mention the other innumerable shallow wounds which appeared completely charred and burnt on the outside. On a whole, Ye Xiuwen’s injuries looked completely grotesque.

“How did you get yourself that severely wounded?” Jun Xiaomo placed her hand gently on one of the wounds as a wave of sorrow washed across her heart.

As Jun Xiaomo’s cool fingers ran along Ye Xiuwen’s skin, he couldn’t help but stiffen up the muscles on his back.

“Ah! Martial brother, did I hurt you?” Jun Xiaomo noticed Ye Xiuwen’s peculiar reaction, and she immediately released her right hand and rubbed her nose bashfully as she added, “I’m sorry. I’ll apply some medicine on your wounds right now.”

Ye Xiuwen shook his head as he responded with a soft, low voice, “Nothing to worry about. It’s not a problem.”

When Jun Xiaomo had earlier placed her hand on his back, it felt as though a light feather had gently landed on the surface of his still heart, sending a single ripple sweeping out into the horizon.

Jun Xiaomo looked at Ye Xiuwen with a bewildered gaze, wondering whether she had misheard Ye Xiuwen – his voice had sounded slightly hoarse earlier.

That said, Jun Xiaomo cast aside her bewilderment in the blink of an eye. She picked up the medicinal powder, poured it onto her hand...

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