Chapter 314: First Encounter, Zhang Shuyue’s Dedication and Obsession

Ye Xiuwen had encountered Zhang Shuyue on their journey away from the Dawn Sect. Back then, Ye Xiuwen was carrying an unconscious Jun Xiaomo, leading the Heavenly Peak disciples away from the Dawn Sect when they noticed Zhang Shuyue being pursued by a group of masked men. At the same time, Zhang Shuyue had spotted the group of Heavenly Peak disciples ahead of her and also rushed straight at them.

Zhang Shuyue’s intentions were simple, and that was to draw the group ahead of her into the conflict as well in the hope that she might be able to escape amidst the ensuing chaos. After all, the masked men were a group of bandit demonic cultivators who thrived on seizing treasures and valuables from others. They had noticed that she was travelling alone, and they thought to kill her to seize her treasures.

At that time, Zhang Shuyue sincerely believed that it would be best if the group of people ahead of her would possess the ability to fend off the group of demonic cultivators. Even if they were unable to do so, she would be able to slip away once the two groups locked in battle with the other.

However, as soon as she drew closer to the group and noticed Ye Xiuwen’s appearances, she was instantly mesmerized by his suave and charming looks.

Ye Xiuwen had never liked getting embroiled in the disputes between others. Thus, he had initially simply glanced back at her and thought to avoid her. Unexpectedly, Zhang Shuyue could tell what he was planning, and she intentionally yelled, “Fellow...

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