Chapter 313: Zhang Shuyue’s Ambitions, Jun Xiaomo’s Predicament

Jun Xiaomo’s hatred towards Zhang Shuyue could be said to be so deep that they had already penetrated her marrows and bones. In fact, her hatred was as deep as the extent of the remorse and guilt weighing on her heart for Ye Xiuwen’s death in her previous life. If one were to say that her willfulness and headstrong behaviour had been one of the contributing factors leading to Ye Xiuwen’s death, then Zhang Shuyue’s betrayal would undoubtedly be the main cause of his death. Jun Xiaomo had experienced what it was like to have been betrayed by the ones she loved the most, and she could completely empathize with Ye Xiuwen’s dread and despondence in his previous life when he had similarly been sent to the depths of hell by the person he loved wholeheartedly.

Thus, Jun Xiaomo had resolved in her heart that she would never allow Zhang Shuyue the opportunity to get close to Ye Xiuwen as long as she remained by Ye Xiuwen’s side. Unfortunately, she had just discovered to her horror that three short days of her unconsciousness was all it took for Ye Xiuwen to once again chance upon Zhang Shuyue. To make matters worse, their relationship had appeared to already be on rather good terms.

Ye Xiuwen was allowed to fall in love with anyone he liked – as long as it was not Zhang Shuyue. Had this lady not caused enough harm to Ye Xiuwen yet? Did she truly have to send him to the pits of hell in this life as well?

The more Jun Xiaomo thought, the more incensed she got. After striking out with the first whiplash, she immediately raised her whip again, preparing herself for the second whiplash.

“Xiaomo, stop!” Ye Xiuwen dashed over in the nick of time and held back Jun Xiaomo’s hands.

Jun Xiaomo struggled for a...

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