Chapter 310: Dawn Sect’s Old Fogeys Pay the Price

On Jun Xiaomo’s suggestion, Ye Xiuwen lifted her up, activated his Windwalk abilities and immediately sprinted towards the woods outside the Dawn Sect’s grounds.

The Dawn Sect’s leaders were unaware that something was up. After all, given how they had the advantage both in terms of numbers as well as their overall cultivation level, they unanimously thought that Ye Xiuwen’s intention was to retreat and escape. Thus, all of them immediately gave chase.

Ye Xiuwen could sense Jun Xiaomo’s grip weakening, and he immediately noticed that she was beginning to slump, almost as though she were getting completely drained of energy.

“Xiaomo?” Ye Xiuwen furrowed his brows as he called out to her gently.

“Martial brother Ye…” Jun Xiaomo smiled bitterly, “I’m getting a bit lightheaded. I don’t think I can hang in there anymore. I’m going to sleep for a bit first. Wake me up when we’re at the woods.”

When Jun Xiaomo was still fighting alone, she would with sheer willpower grit her teeth and fight through the pain, no matter how harsh her environment and how grievous her wounds. But now that she was in the arms of someone whom she wholeheartedly trusted, her spirits subconsciously loosened up, and her grit soon gave way.

Just like that, Jun Xiaomo fell into a deep slumber…

“Damn!” Ye Xiuwen cursed aloud as he hurriedly retrieved a bottle of recovery pills from his Interspatial Ring and...

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