Chapter 307: Revelation of Identities

Jun Xiaomo had drawn the attention of all the Sect Elders, Peakmasters, as well as all of the regular disciples of the Dawn Sect onto herself. Thus, Ye Xiuwen and the other Heavenly Peak disciples had managed to arrive at the boundary of forest just outside the Dawn Sect completely unobstructed. Unfortunately, when they looked at the thick, dense woods in standing in front of them, the Heavenly Peak disciples found themselves faced with yet another obstacle.

“What do we do now? The forest is also where the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array is located. We won’t be able to pass through this place if we don’t have an identity token with us.” Chen Feiyu exclaimed in frustration.

Their identity tokens had already been seized by He Zhang as soon as they were captured. He Zhang had been determined not to let them go, and they knew that it was very likely that He Zhang might even have altered the effects of the formation array to restrict access by the rest of the members from the Heavenly Peak. How were they possibly going to break out of this barrier given the current state they were in?

Ye Xiuwen pondered about it for a short moment, before he spoke resolutely, “We’ll just walk straight through.”

“What?! Walk straight through?! Martial brother Ye, we don’t know a single thing about formation arrays, so how are we going to be able to come out of this alive?” Chen Feiyu sincerely believed that this was going to be a task nigh impossible.

However, Ye Xiuwen simply smiled calmly as he responded, “Believe me. We have the blessings of someone powerful.”

The reason why...

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