Chapter 306: Want to Kill Me? Come Play Hide-and-Seek with Me!

As he gazed upon the lady with a peculiarly familiar disposition standing some distance away, a swathe of complicated emotions washed over Qin Lingyu’s heart.

Ever since Jun Xiaomo left for the Zephyr Sect, he would from time to time find himself falling into a series of similar dreams. In these dreams, Jun Xiaomo had become his wife, and the trajectory of her life therein had been completely different from her present circumstances.

Qin Lingyu was well aware that if Jun Xiaomo had not presented herself with such a stark personality change after escaping from the Sect’s forbidden grounds years ago, her fate might well have ended up akin to that which he had been dreaming about – she would become his wife, and he would cast her aside and abandon her.

As conventional wisdom would have it, one tends to dream about their most prominent thoughts throughout the day. Even though Qin Lingyu was unaware of why he had such a dream, he shrugged it off as nothing more than a one-off dream that was never going to occur again. Unfortunately, this dream did persist on, and it even persisted through a series of his dreams.

The series of dreams appeared to be an alternate reality that played out and presented itself in front of his very eyes. During this entire period of time, his life felt as though it had been cleaved in two halves – one of which was lived through that series of dreams, while the other was lived through the present reality.

In his dreams, he had taken Jun Xiaomo as his wife in accordance with their marriage arrangement, and he had brought her to the Limitless Sect with...

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