Chapter 305: He Zhang’s End

Just as Ye Xiuwen continued to be plagued by questions of how there were two Chen Feiyu’s in the prison, the “Chen Feiyu” within the prison cell suddenly burst into flames, and its fiery blaze extended towards the other “martial brothers” around him, burning everyone to a crisp.

In an instant, over ten burnt human-shaped talismans began to float to the ground, leaving the rest of the cells and the hooks completely empty and vacant. The earlier illusion had completely vanished.

So, the martial brothers outside the prison cell are the real ones, while the one inside are nothing more than Humanoid Puppets. Ye Xiuwen finally grasped the truth of the matter.

As he watched the human-shaped talismans float to the ground, Ye Xiuwen could already roughly guess the person responsible for this – Seems like that little brat of a lady has already come through this place and helped me rescue my martial brothers.

Ye Xiuwen’s heart was filled with gratitude towards “Qin Shanshan”. Had he come into this place alone, he might not even have been able to break the formation array on the door of this prison cell holding his martial brothers, much less breach the surrounding defensive formation arrays within the forbidden grounds. It was evident just how much help “Qin Shanshan’s” assistance had been.

Thus, he resolved in his heart that he would sincerely express his gratitude towards “Qin Shanshan” the next time they met.

At the same time,...

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