Chapter 304: Depths of the Prison, Reunited Martial Brothers

After holding the position as Dawn Sect’s Sect Leader for such a long time, this was the first time that He Zhang had found himself completely at someone’s mercy. To make matters even worse, he had found himself stumbling to what he had always thought was an insignificant sprout of the younger generation.

As Jun Xiaomo stared down at him from on high, He Zhang felt the onset of a déjà vu. It brought his mind back to another incident that occurred years ago – back when he was competing in a Sect tournament for the rights to become the next Sect Leader, he had found himself beaten to the ground by his opponent, Jun Linxuan. Back then, he could sense that all looks of admiration had fallen upon Jun Linxuan, while he was simply laying on the ground like a family pet, receiving neither looks of respect nor looks of contempt.

It was a feeling of being completely ignored and glossed over.

He was unwilling. He couldn’t take it! He had a far better way with people than Jun Linxuan did, and he was better at negotiating the nuances of human relations. How could a single battle outweigh all these qualifications of his to be a Sect Leader?

Then, as though rubbing salt in his wounds, Jun Linxuan made the decision to relinquish the rights to become Sect Leader after defeating him in the competition.

In Jun Linxuan’s words at that time, he did not understand the nuances of politics between Sects, and he had concluded that his deficiencies in this rendered him unsuitable to be...

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