Chapter 302: Breaking Out of the Predicament; Jun Xiaomo’s Plans

He Zhang had all of his innumerable deep, dark secrets hidden all over the forbidden grounds, and could not afford to let anyone take these secrets out of the place alive with them.

Thus, He Zhang had gone all out to ensure that anyone who breached the forbidden grounds would find it all the more difficult to leave. After all, it was not as though nobody had attempted to enter the Dawn Sect’s forbidden grounds in the past to begin with. That said, all of these trespassers had invariably found themselves being trapped by the formation arrays within the forbidden grounds, eventually becoming fresh food and nutrients that were fed directly to He Zhang’s pet demonic beasts.

If Jun Xiaomo were on her own, it might not have been too tall a task for her to breakthrough the formation arrays and escape from the forbidden grounds. However, she knew that it was going to be far more difficult if she were to do so while looking after ten grievously wounded martial brothers.

“Martial sister, if there’s really no way, then you should just leave this place. It’s already incredible that you’re able to remove those spirit-draining hooks that were on our bodies. At worst, if He Zhang at the others come in and discover that we’ve been released, we’ll just go all out and fight with him! Even if we die, we’re going to take a few of them down with us!” Chen Feiyu gnashed his teeth as he made an extreme suggestion, and a deep trace of hatred could be seen in the depths of his eyes.

He didn’t know...

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