Chapter 301: The Dark Prison; Reunion Between Martial Siblings

There was no turning back. He could only continue to forge forward.

Ye Xiuwen released his divine sense and followed the only path forward. As he walked along that path, he realized that his surroundings were completely desolate, and there was not even a single strand of grass around.

The further along he went on that path, the narrower it got. At the same time, he began to start seeing traces of bones appearing on the sides of the path. When he took a closer examination of these bones, he noticed that while they mostly comprised of beast bones, there were some human bones strewn together with the mix as well.

Ye Xiuwen immediately unsheathed his sword and held it in his hands, and his lips grimaced tightly.

Suddenly, a gentle breeze swept across his surroundings, and he could smell the undeniably nauseating stench of blood wafting through the air. Ye Xiuwen squinted his eyes, and his spirits tensed up even more.

As he walked on, the stench of blood only grew stronger and stronger. Then, as the path suddenly broadened into a large plaza, it became apparent to Ye Xiuwen where the stench of blood came from – that plaza contained an entire pool of bubbling blood, as though it was being boiled. There even seemed to be some living creatures moving about within the pool of blood, agitating it from time to time.

What in the world is this?! Ye Xiuwen gripped his spirit sword tightly, and misgivings began to arise in his heart about the secrets hidden within the depths of the forbidden grounds.


Jun Xiaomo was unaware of the fact that Ye Xiuwen had followed...

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