Chapter 299: So, It’s You!

When Ye Xiuwen next came to his senses, he discovered that he was already lying on a bed of striking red sand, and he could hear the babbling sound of running waters nearby.

He rubbed his forehead as he struggled to sit up. As he looked around him, he realized that everything around was painted a striking red colour – a red sky, a red flowing river, red grounds scattered with red sand, and the redness continued to stretch far into the horizon.

This place is…

“You’re awake?” A voice filled with displeasure rang out beside his ear. Ye Xiuwen looked back, only to see a pair of ink-black eyes staring straight at him. It was evident that the owner of those eyes was slightly annoyed at this moment.

“Miss Tong? Ungh…” Ye Xiuwen’s temples throbbed in pain, and he couldn’t help but lower his head and let out a soft groan.

Jun Xiaomo could see that Ye Xiuwen’s eyes were filled with multitude of complex emotions right now.

“I’ll advise you not to use or operate your spiritual energy for now. When you fell into the river below the Enchanting Bridge earlier, you’d sustained some rather severe injuries. If not for the fact that I had been around, you would already be dead by now.” Jun Xiaomo coldly stated. As she finished speaking, she tossed a handful of leaves of unknown origin onto the ground.

“Thanks, Miss Tong.” Ye Xiuwen sincerely thanked her. Then, he turned his attention to the pile of leaves on the floor as he asked, “This is…?”

“These are leaves used to purge demonic energy from your body. Do you see the river over there? That’s not just...

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