Chapter 298: A Familiar Call

Jun Xiaomo’s suggestion to breach the Sect’s forbidden grounds was immediately met with a strenuous opposition from Ye Xiuwen because it hadn’t been long since her last attempt, and she had not fully recovered from her injuries yet. To make matters worse, she had clearly overdrawn her spiritual energy last night while resolving the matter with Chen Taiguang. Thus, Ye Xiuwen firmly believed that her suggestion to breach the Sect’s forbidden grounds in three days’ time was completely reckless. Even if one were courting death, this would not be the way to do it.

“Alright, alright. It’s fine. I know my own body the best. The injuries might seem severe, but I’m certain that I would be fully recovered by then. Furthermore, He Zhang and the others are determined to dispose of you. If you don’t make a move within the next three day, it’s going to be nigh impossible to find a more suitable time to slip into the forbidden grounds after that. With He Zhang and the rest chasing you around the Dawn Sect, where are you going to find the energy to both deal with your assailants while thinking of a way to slip into the forbidden grounds under their very noses? You have to realize that the forbidden grounds aren’t something easy to break into. Even I needed to divide my probative attempts into three segments in order to determine just how the formation arrays within the forbidden grounds should be individually dealt with.” Jun Xiaomo persuaded earnestly.

“No way! I mean it when I said no earlier. We can deal with things as they come. Right now, I only know that your body is not ready...

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