Chapter 297: The Dawn Sect’s Schemers

He Zhang had sent the Dawn Sect disciples out on an urgent mission in the dead of the night. Naturally, he was responsible for the well being of all of the disciples.

In the cultivation world, there was no doubt that the prospects of having one’s cultivation crippled was far worse than the prospects of being killed. The former resulted in a life worse than death, and the latter was a form of relief once and for all. After all, a dead person would no longer need to bother with the gazes of smug people delighting in their misery.

Thus, He Zhang could already imagine the kind of repercussions the crippling of these Dawn Sect disciples was going to cause within the Sect.

If he had a choice, he would much rather sacrifice half of everything he owned in order to turn back time than have such an irretrievable incident occur under his charge. Furthermore, such an incident could not simply be swept under the rug and forgotten over time. After all, these disciples were already in the eleventh and twelfth levels of Qi Mastery, and they were well-loved disciples that could be considered the core disciples within the entire Sect. Unless he could somehow pull their cultivation levels back out of nowhere and stuff them back into the bodies of these disciples, the thoughts of concealing this incident would remain as nothing more than a mere fantasy.

Without any other choice, He Zhang began to turn his thoughts to whether it was possible to use another outrageous incident to capture everyone’s attention in the hope that the shock of the second incident would dilute the impact caused by the first...

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