Chapter 296: A Grand Gift for Sect Leader He

Array masters were known to generally be on the weaker side in terms of their combat abilities. Chen Taiguang was no exception to the norm either. Having lived for decades, his cultivation level was still languishing and stagnating at the elementary-tier Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation, without any signs of improvement or development whatsoever.

Thus, He Zhang hardly considered Chen Taiguang a threat at all, and he had only sent several Dawn Sect disciples in the eleventh and twelfth levels of Qi Mastery to silence him.

Even though these disciples were only in the Qi Mastery stage of cultivation, they were nevertheless armed with the spirit tools that He Zhang had provided them with. With that, He Zhang firmly believed that their combined strength was more than sufficient to deal with Chen Taiguang’s meagre abilities.

If the one that they were facing right now was indeed Chen Taiguang, the disciples’ odds of success would in fact be rather high, even if one considered the complacency in their hearts. Unfortunately, their plans were foiled by Jun Xiaomo’s masterful bait-and-switch tactics, and these disciples were heading straight for a train wreck.

“Argh.” As they walked on, one of the disciples suddenly cried out softly as he tripped and fell onto the ground.

“Shh…what’s going on? Are you trying to alert our target?” Another disciple glared at the disciple on the floor as he shushed him.

“Nothing…I just tripped on something.” The disciple looked at the plain, flat ground as he muttered in bewilderment.

“Be careful. We can’t afford to alarm our target now!” The leader...

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