Chapter 295: Night-Time Assassination; Returning Alive

Indeed, as soon as Chen Taiguang’s avarice manifested once again, and he bit off more than he could chew, He Zhang had already mentally branded Chen Taiguang with the death penalty.

To begin with, He Zhang was not an easy person to get along with. After all, he was a calculative man who valued his personal gains over anything else. To this date, several hundred years from the date of the incident, he still bears a grudge against Jun Linxuan for nearly snatching the position of the next Sect Leader that he was coveting. Chen Taiguang had undoubtedly crossed He Zhang’s bottom line when he had time and again increased the fees for his services, while threatening to leave things as they were if he did not receive his increased fees.

In fact, as a Sect that was ranked among the top three of all Secondary Sects, the Dawn Sect was in a good position to afford all of the remuneration listed by Chen Taiguang, despite the extravagant increments to his fees. However, He Zhang considered all of the Dawn Sect’s wealth as his own personal wealth. Accordingly, Chen Taiguang’s requests were undoubtedly perceived as a request for a pound of He Zhang’s own flesh and blood.

Anyone who asked for a pound of He Zhang’s flesh would naturally become He Zhang’s next target.

As He Zhang stood by Chen Taiguang’s side, his gaze began to creep all over Chen Taiguang’s body like that of a poisonous snake staring at its prey.

Yet Chen Taiguang was completely oblivious to the kind of trouble he had just got himself into. In fact, he was even gleefully thinking of how he was going to enjoy life for some time after making off with the resources that the Dawn Sect was going to pay to him as remuneration.

After He Zhang agreed to his revised fees, Chen Taiguang stood at the heart of the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array and pretentiously retrieved a bunch of spirit tools from his Interspatial Ring. Then, he began to load these spirit tools with a number of objects that even He Zhang was unable to name, before suffusing these spirit...

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