Chapter 294: Battle of the Arrays; Chen Taiguang’s Act

With a Dawn Sect identity token hung around his neck, and armed with a regular sized formation diagram, Chen Taiguang strode towards the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array.

The identity token would guarantee that he would not be targeted by the protective formation array’s attacks, while the formation diagram allowed him to easily locate the heart of the protective formation array itself, which was also where the eye of the formation array was located.

If Jun Xiaomo witnessed this sight right now, she would most certainly despise Chen Taiguang for his ineptitude.

Quite apart from his heritage as a successor of the Chen Clan, it was a complete disgrace to his abilities as an array master if he needed to rely on the formation diagram in order to locate the heart of the formation array.

However, Jun Xiaomo did not notice these actions of his, so she was presently still wary of the unknown array master’s true abilities. After all, she was unaware of who He Zhang had invited to look into the Sect’s protective formation array, and she was naturally also unaware of the depth of his abilities.

Within a few moments’ time, Chen Taiguang managed to find his way to the heart of the formation array without a hitch.

“Did the person who set up this formation array for you leave behind an Origin Diagram for your reference?” Chen Taiguang asked He Zhang and the rest who were following behind him.

“We don’t have an Origin Diagram. However, the array master did leave us a formation diagram. Using this diagram, we’re able to deactivate and reactivate this protective formation array.” He Zhang explained.

“That formation diagram will do as well. Bring it here.” Chen Taiguang instructed bluntly. Even though He Zhang and the other Sect Elders were severely...

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