Chapter 293: Chen Taiguang’s Methods, Jun Xiaomo Faces Danger

Jun Xiaomo had managed to enter and leave the forbidden ground’s formation array for the second time without alerting the Dawn Sect to her efforts. That said, she had once again returned with her body completely covered with wounds and injuries.

Ye Xiuwen waited impatiently for her at the road leading from Qin Shanshan’s abode. From afar, he could sense Jun Xiaomo’s approach using his divine sense.

That said, Jun Xiaomo still had an Invisibility Talisman plastered on her body, so Ye Xiuwen could not see her physical appearances. Thus, he could only wait where he was with a cold, placid expression on his face. Nobody knew what he was thinking at this moment.

Jun Xiaomo’s aura continued to draw nearer and nearer to him.

Then, as soon as Jun Xiaomo made her way in front of Ye Xiuwen, she removed the Invisibility Talisman on her body and smiled weakly and feebly at Ye Xiuwen.

At that very moment, her vision faded to black, and she immediately collapsed forward, falling directly into Ye Xiuwen’s arms.

As he supported the limp body in his arms, Ye Xiuwen knitted his brows tightly together – he had thought that with the first experience within the forbidden ground’s formation array, her injuries would no longer be as severe. Unexpectedly, “Qin Shanshan’s” current injuries appeared to be even worse than the previous time.

If not for the talismans...

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