Chapter 291: Breaching the Forbidden Grounds; An Injured Jun Xiaomo

In his abode, Shen Yaoxue was reporting her findings to He Zhang, while He Zhang’s expression remained completely stoic and indolent. There was neither joy nor sorrow on his face.

“So, you’re saying that you’d noticed that the door to their room as well as their windows were tightly shut, and they had even plastered a talisman on their door to obstruct the penetration of divine senses. Thus, you decided to walk close to the door to determine whether they were in their room?”

“Yes, Sect Leader. That’s exactly it.”

“But since you didn’t see their physical persons, how do you know that they must be in their room? Under normal circumstances, why would anybody need to obstruct the penetration of divine senses?” He Zhang pressed the issue.

“Disciple thinks that the reason why they had closed their windows and even consciously obstructed the penetration of divine senses had very much to do with what they were doing at that point in time.” Shen Yaoxue postulated.

“Oh? What were they doing?” He Zhang raised his eyebrows.

“This…” Faced with such a question, Shen Yaoxue couldn’t help but recall the exact contents of what she had heard at that time once more. Her face flushed once more, and her eyes trembled slightly as she began to stammer, “When disciple drew closer to the door, they…they were…”

“What were they doing? Don’t sputter on like this!” He Zhang barked coldly.

“They…they were having intercourse.”...

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