Chapter 290: Visitor in the Night

Over the last few days, Jun Xiaomo had continued to go back and forth from the Sect’s forbidden ground with an Invisibility Talisman on her body, just so that she could familiarize herself with the situation within the forbidden grounds.

She was different from Jun Ziwen. Jun Ziwen had at best a shallow understanding of formation arrays and talismans, so he dared not enter the forbidden grounds recklessly without a good plan. Otherwise, he might find himself in a highly disadvantageous position even before he manages to rescue his martial brothers from within.

On the other hand, the number of formation arrays that Jun Xiaomo had breached within the Proving Grounds alone numbered in the thousands, if not the ten-thousands, and breaching formation arrays was something that was almost second nature to her. The formation array sequestering the Dawn Sect’s forbidden grounds could hardly be considered anything more than a starter to her.

That said, it would still take some effort on Jun Xiaomo’s part if she were to prepare this starter for her consumption.

From her observations, Jun Xiaomo discovered that on every alternate day, He Zhang or his Sect Elders would enter the forbidden grounds and remain within its premises for the next four to six hours before leaving once more. That said, she remained unaware of what they were doing within its premises.

However, these were all things that were done during the day. As soon as night fell, it would be rare to...

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