Chapter 288: Uninvited Guests at Qin Shanshan’s Abode

The news of Qin Shanshan bringing a handsome, charming man back with her from her travels spread like wildfire across the entire Sect. Over the next few days, whenever and wherever “Qin Shanshan” walked around within the Sect, she could feel countless looks of all sorts landing on her, some of which were investigative, while others were filled with admiration and jealousy.

In fact, the ones jealous of Qin Shanshan even comprised some of her martial sisters-cum-friends who were generally on closer terms with Qin Shanshan. Even though they hadn’t seen the physical appearances of the man that Qin Shanshan had brought back, they could tell from the other martial brothers who had travelled out of the Sect together with Qin Shanshan that this man was even more handsome and charming than Qin Shanshan’s brother, Qin Lingyu. Furthermore, they had even described the depth of his strength and potential to be immeasurable – he was a person that none of the disciples could afford to offend.

With this, Qin Shanshan could be said to be at the heart and core of everyone’s envy right now. To begin with, she had already possessed a formidable biological brother who might very well be the successor of the entire Dawn Sect in future. And now, she had even been able to win the heart of a man even more powerful than her brother. With Qin Shanshan’s rotten personality and character, just how many stars had to be aligned for such an incredibly fortuitous turn of events to occur to her?

Thus, having heard all about the mysterious man, Qin Shanshan’s friends grew increasingly curious about just what this man looked like. After restraining themselves for several days, they could no longer hold back their curiosity any longer, and they gathered together and began to make their way towards Qin Shanshan’s abode.

They had also learnt that Qin Shanshan’s lover was cohabiting with Qin Shanshan at her abode.

After successfully entering the Dawn...

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