Chapter 287: He Zhang and Qin Lingyu’s Grasp on the “Truth”

“Enough! Brother, you’ve never been able to show any evidence that brother Jun is a bad guy! How can you simply base everything off your own intuition and determine that he possesses ulterior motives?!”

Turning his attention back to his incensed “sister”, Qin Lingyu grew even more exasperated as he coldly rebuked her, “Well done, Qin Shanshan. Your feathers aren’t even fully grown and mature, and yet you’re already sticking out your head for outsiders. Why can’t you use your useless brain for once and think for yourself – can there really be anything as coincidental as this?! Within a few days of meeting him, you’d found yourselves trapped within the peculiar part of the wilderness, only to be saved by this man. And now, after arriving at the Dawn Sect’s grounds, and before we’d even stepped through the Dawn Sect’s gates, he’s put on such a good show to make you fall head-over-heels in love with him. How can incidents like a prince charming rescuing a damsel-in-distress happen time and again like that? Besides, do you think that the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array is something that’s just for show?!”

“When all is said and done, everything that you’ve just said is nothing more than your own conjectures!” Jun Xiaomo retorted without yielding any ground.

“Conjectures?! Hah, Qin Shanshan, let me tell you something – I’d only been able to enter this place with the assistance of my master and the other Sect Elders. In fact, even after they had all worked together to create a safe passage for me, I still fell prey to the Sect’s protective formation array. If this man here doesn’t possess any hidden and concealed abilities, how could he possibly remain unscathed? How do you think he had located you in such a short time and kept you completely safe?!” The more Qin Lingyu said, the more he was convinced he was right, and the more his suspicions towards Jun Ziwen burgeoned.

Jun Xiaomo had the urge to roll her eyes right now – It’s only because you’re too weak! That’s how you ended up being toyed by me without even realizing it!

However, Jun Xiaomo knew that she had to keep these things to herself. As “Qin Shanshan”, she knew that she could not afford to make any expression that was uncharacteristic...

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