Chapter 286: Qin Lingyu Gets Frightened and Faints

Qin Lingyu was truly on the brink of going mad. Anyone would go mad if he had craved something for an immeasurably long time before finally obtaining it, yet only to witness it vanish in smoke in the very next instant.

Where was Qin Lingyu’s suave and dignified appearance right now? His eyes were bloodshot, akin to a wild beast thrashing about after discovering that it had been trapped. He was scrambling about, looking for the formation diagram that had disappeared just like that. If there was anyone else who did not know the cause for his rage around right now, they might even suggest that he was experiencing a demonic upheaval.

In fact, the demons in his heart were indeed on the brink of tipping Qin Lingyu over the precipice and into the abyss of a demonic upheaval.

Jun Xiaomo chuckled coldly, and she flicked her sleeves from the tree. Instantly, some gold-coloured powder gently drifted down and landed on Qin Lingyu’s body.

Under the effects of the gold-coloured powder, Qin Lingyu began to calm down and compose himself once more.

That said, Jun Xiaomo had not done this for Qin Lingyu’s good. The only reason why she had lent Qin Lingyu a helping hand to compose himself and pull himself back from the abyss of a demonic upheaval was only so that he could retain his clarity of mind to relish the far more fearsome and dreadful incidents to come.

Once he managed to recompose himself, Qin Lingyu discovered that the white fog around him had once again thickened substantially, and he immediately discovered that something was wrong. However, before he could put a finger on it, an earsplitting beast’s roar rang out just beside his ear - ROAR!!!

In the instant that the cry rang out, the surroundings trembled. Qin Lingyu’s head throbbed and his eyes spun. He felt as though something had hammered directly on his brain several times, and his eardrums began to ring. It was as though a wave of stupefaction had swept over and suffused through his entire being.

Just then, a sharp wind seemed to sweep straight towards...

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