Chapter 285: Qin Lingyu’s Madness, Key to the Arcane Realm

The large tree selected by Jun Xiaomo had sturdy branches, a thick foliage, and such a massive trunk that it would require five grown men with outstretched arms if they were to completely hug the circumference of the tree.

As they laid on one of the tree’s branches and peeked through its dense foliage, Jun Xiaomo could make out Qin Lingyu’s ink-black hair. She could tell that Qin Lingyu had come all this way in order to search for Qin Shanshan.

Qin Lingyu looked about at his surroundings, hoping to locate any traces of Qin Shanshan. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain.

“What are you thinking of doing?” Ye Xiuwen asked “Qin Shanshan” with a hushed voice. Jun Xiaomo turned around with a finger on her lips – “Shh…”

She blinked with a crafty expression in her eyes. Then, she stretched out her hand and snapped once in mid-air.


As the snap echoed through the otherwise still and silent air, a thick fog began to fill the lands below, obscuring the surroundings and blurring their vision.

“This is…”

“This is a formation array within a formation array. It’s also the illusion-inducing formation array that had earlier trapped and stumbled you. However, I’ve already taken the liberty to alter this formation array slightly to increase its effects.” Jun Xiaomo raised her chin slightly and curled her lips into a mischievous smile. She looked almost like a proud...

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