Chapter 284: Ye Xiuwen Falls into An Illusion

Amidst the roiling white fog, Ye Xiuwen released his divine sense and walked forward silently and gingerly.

Visibility was so bad that he was unable to even see the fingers on his own outstretched arm. The surroundings were deathly silent – there were no sounds of rustling leaves with the wind, and there was no chirping of the crickets or cooing of the birds. In fact, one could hardly even hear his own footsteps in this peculiar place.

Ye Xiuwen knew that he had undoubtedly already entered the domain of the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array. That said, his understanding of formation arrays was limited, and he did not know exactly what awaited him within the formation array.

Then, the white fog gradually dissipated, and an exit seemed to open up ahead of him. Thus, Ye Xiuwen began to walk through the opening. An intense bright light shone, and he discovered that he had just been transported to a rather familiar place.

This is…

“Martial brother Ye!” A clear, crisp voice rang out from behind. Ye Xiuwen immediately turned around ferociously and saw a lady dressed in a faint pink skirt skipping into his scope of vision.

“Xiaomo…?” Ye Xiuwen’s pupils constricted as he transfixed his gaze on the lady.

“Martial brother Ye, what’s the matter? Why do you appear so shocked to see me?” The lady in...

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