Chapter 283: Ye Xiuwen Throws Himself into the Fray

The Dawn Sect’s protective formation array was first established by a well-renown array master many years back. Back then, the array master had left with his remuneration as soon as he was done setting up the entire protective formation array he had been commissioned to, leaving the Dawn Sect’s Sect Leader and Sect Elders with only the method for deactivating and reactivating the formation array

Several hundred years have passed since then, and the Dawn Sect had continued to use the same protective formation array to date. Whenever the Sect Leaders or Sect Elders handed the mantle of authority to their successors, they would in a similar fashion also hand over the know-how to deactivating and reactivating the formation array. This was to enable their successors to prevent or mitigate incidents like the one that had occurred today, when Dawn Sect disciples unwittingly stumbled into and get trapped within its protective formation array.

Since it was a massive formation array, the method to deactivate and reactivate the formation array was naturally not simple. He Zhang and the other Sect Elders each retrieved a scroll from their own Interspatial Rings, opened them up and began to piece them together.

Then, He Zhang placed his palm on the center of the opened scrolls and began to recite an ancient mnemonic. An intense, bright light shone, and the scrolls melded into each other, forming a massive diagram. It was only at this moment that everyone realized what the scrolls had just become.

As it turns out, it was only when the individual scrolls were combined together would it become a massive formation diagram that was filled with complex inscriptions and lines drawn all over it.

In fact, the formation diagram was so complex that it dazzled the eye! How could an array master possibly think about and process all these details?! The Dawn Sect disciples couldn’t help but exclaim in their hearts.

As soon as the formation diagram was complete, He Zhang turned once again...

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