Chapter 282: Trapped in the Dawn Sect’s Protective Formation Array!

Ye Xiuwen was a cultivator at the Nascent Soul stage of cultivation with a wind-based spiritual root. Logically speaking, even if Jun Xiaomo applied a Windsail Talisman on herself, it should not have been a difficult thing for him to catch up to her.

However, despite having chased after her for some time, he still lost sight of Jun Xiaomo altogether.

Ye Xiuwen furrowed his brows. Having searched for Jun Xiaomo everywhere, he then attempted to use a Transmittance Talisman to get in touch with Jun Xiaomo, but to no avail. For some strange reason, Jun Xiaomo seemed to have simply vanished amidst the thick foliage within the forest – any message that he had attempted to send out through the Transmittance Talisman was like a tiny pebble that simply sank into the depths of the vast oceans.

A sense of unease washed over his heart. Ye Xiuwen had intended to personally hold onto the identity token given by Qin Lingyu. In the end, not only had “Qin Shanshan” denied him that opportunity, she had even vanished altogether. For all he knew, she might well already have been trapped by the Sect’s formation array by now.

Ye Xiuwen grimaced. After deliberating for another few moments, he began to muster the spiritual energy within his body and sprint towards Qin Lingyu and the rest.

At this moment, only Qin Lingyu had the power to bring “Qin Shanshan” out of the formation array. From his assessment of their relationship, he knew that as long as “Qin Shanshan’s” true identity was not exposed, Qin Lingyu would never turn a blind eye to Qin Shanshan...

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