Chapter 281: Exchange of Identity Tokens, Qin Lingyu’s Ploy

Given Qin Lingyu’s unrelenting personality, Jun Xiaomo had initially expected him to incessantly come up with different ways and means of obstructing Jun Ziwen’s entry into the Dawn Sect. Unexpectedly, over the next few days, Qin Lingyu appeared to have completely forgotten about this entire incident. He neither sought Jun Xiaomo for a “heart-to-heart” discussion, nor did he insist that Ye Xiuwen leaves the entourage of Dawn Sect disciples. Apart from casting frigid, incisive glances at Ye Xiuwen from time to time, he did not appear to show any signs of making any other moves.

Jun Xiaomo rubbed her chin as she exclaimed in her heart – Something’s wrong. I’ve got to expect the unexpected. Just what in the world is Qin Lingyu scheming this time?

With a mind full of suspicion, Jun Xiaomo followed the entourage as they finally arrived at the foot of the mountain where the Dawn Sect was located.

As she looked at the dense and thick forest ahead of them, Jun Xiaomo’s eyes suddenly gleamed, and she finally though of what Qin Lingyu was planning. How could she have forgotten the fact that the Dawn Sect’s grounds were sequestered by a protective formation array?

In the cultivation world, every single sect, whether large or small, would invariably be sequestered from the rest of the world by a protective formation array. The Dawn Sect was no exception to this either.

The Dawn Sect’s protective formation array was set up within the forest surrounding its grounds. As long as an outsider without the Dawn Sect’s identity token enters...

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