Chapter 278: The Duo with A United Front

The Dawn Sect disciples could all see with pristine clarity the cold, bitter tension between Qin Lingyu and Ye Xiuwen.

They could understand why Qin Lingyu harboured such feelings of hostility towards Jun Ziwen. After all, who could allow their own sister to be seduced by a man that had picked her up on the streets by chance? Anyone would get maddened by those prospects. But, what about Jun Ziwen? Where did his hostility towards their martial brother Qin come from? Logically speaking, if Jun Ziwen had truly fallen for his sister, Qin Shanshan, should he not be thinking of various ways and means to appease his potential brother-in-law, Qin Lingyu?

With some measure of perplexity in their minds, the Dawn Sect disciples looked at Qin Lingyu, and then they swept their gaze back towards Ye Xiuwen. At that instant, all of the disciples unanimously resolved to remain silent and quietly observe how things would develop and unravel.

After pausing for a moment on the steps, Ye Xiuwen continued to make his way down to the dining hall. Then, he walked over to the table where the disciples were located, before helping himself to a seat and pouring himself a cup of tea.

He was the first one to break eye contact with Qin Lingyu.

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes in displeasure. Jun Ziwen’s nonchalance thoroughly annoyed him.

In particular, Qin Lingyu felt that this man’s disposition, personality and behaviour was far too similar to that man, Ye Xiuwen, who should already have perished in the depths of the Mystic Woods.

“Speak. Tell us your true motive for travelling together with the expedition from the Dawn Sect. Don’t tell me that you’d agreed to my sister’s invitation...

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