Chapter 277: A Strange Domain? Something’s Fishy!

Jun Xiaomo had snapped out from her drunken stupor as a result of the combat and survival instincts developed over the years within the Proving Grounds. After all, there was not a single moment over the last three hundred and thirty years when her life was not in all types of danger, where a single slip up on her part could cause her to end up in the stomach of a spirit or demonic beast. Thus, it was absolutely paramount that she remained vigilant at all times.

In this regard, she would constantly leave a thread of her spirit keeping watch on the outside even when she was asleep or meditating, just so that she could be ready at the moment’s notice.

Last night’s intoxication was something that was completely outside of her expectations. In fact, even Jun Xiaomo was unaware that the sense of familiarity emanating from Jun Ziwen’s body made her subconsciously let her guard down. As a result of that, Jun Xiaomo ended up being so thoroughly intoxicated in front of a man whom she hardly knew that there was not a single trace of awareness remaining within her.

But now that Ye Xiuwen had stood up and left the room, leaving Qin Lingyu remaining all alone with Jun Xiaomo, the earlier sense of familiarity and its corollary sense of security had also vanished entirely. In turn, Jun Xiaomo naturally put her guard back up subconsciously.

Qin Lingyu cast an investigative look on Jun Xiaomo’s body – particularly focusing on her eyes, which acted as though a lens to a person’s heart. For some strange reason, he found this lady seemingly...

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