Chapter 276: Qin Lingyu’s Suspicions

Jun Xiaomo felt as though she had fallen into a deep and long dream. In her dream, she had returned to her childhood years and turned back to a little toddler that was still stumbling around as she played with her dolls. She was dressed completely in pink as she played with an older brother whose appearances she could not see clearly.

This intoxicated dream was not a rational or logical one by any means. As she dreamt, she knew that she was extremely happy and chirpy – it had been an incredibly long time since she had experienced such contentment and bliss.

The brother playing with her was clearly extremely good-natured. She was evidently playing with things that only little children would be fascinated by, yet this older brother had played along with her, accompanying her as she sang nursery rhymes at the top of her voice, playing hide-and-seek together, and even catching fireflies with her. In this moment of bliss, Jun Xiaomo felt as though she was the luckiest little child on the planet.

Then, she noticed that her brother was drinking something from his cup in sips. He was so concentrated on the drink in his hands that he seemed to almost have neglected her existence entirely.

Is the drink very tasty? Why does brother seem so obsessed with drinking it?

In her curiosity, she snatched her brother’s cup and took a huge gulp from the cup. Within moments, she began to choke and sputter.

A burning sensation immediately washed over her entire throat, as though she had just swallowed a ball...

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