Chapter 274: Ye Xiuwen Shows Up, Qin Lingyu’s Restraining Fear

The first light of dawn burst through the rolling clouds in the sky and shone straight at the little pavilion on the hill, painting the aged pavilion with a beautiful golden sheen.

The fog and cool air from the night lingering on within the pavilion began to dissipate with the rising of the sun. At the same time, the thick fragrance of wine in the pavilion also gradually thinned out as well.

The glow of the new morn had cued in the cacophonous chorus of chirruping birds and buzzing insects which enveloped the pavilion with their tunes filled with bright vigor. As the stirring hum continued to echo on, a person leaning on the stone table finally moved, and he gradually began to open his eyes.

“Ugh…” Ye Xiuwen groaned. The discomfort from his hangover stood in his way between slumber and clarity of mind.

Last night, Jun Xiaomo had in her drunken stupor made a racket and tormented Ye Xiuwen for close to an hour, then clutched tightly to Ye Xiuwen’s clothes and wept for an equally long time before she finally managed to cry herself to sleep.

The only thing that Ye Xiuwen heard at that time was “I miss you, will you never be returning again?” Apart from that, all other murmurs from Jun Xiaomo had been completely unintelligible.

Truth be told, Ye Xiuwen had not thought to analyze what Jun Xiaomo had meant by those words. Rather, when those words echoed out from within his bosom, it acted like an awl that...

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