Chapter 273: Qin Lingyu’s Rage, A Drunk Jun Xiaomo

Back when Qin Lingyu was ten years-old and Qin Shanshan was two years-old, their parents had crafted for each of them an Origin Locket. One belonged to Qin Lingyu, and they hung it around Qin Shanshan’s neck; while the other belonged to Qin Shanshan, and it was stored within Qin Lingyu’s Interspatial Ring.

Then, in the very same year, Qin Lingyu entered the Dawn Sect in the same year and formally became He Zhang’s disciple.

Even though Qin Lingyu’s parents were no more than two mere mortals, this did not change the fact that their Qin Clan ancestors had in the past left an indelible mark in the historical annals of the cultivation world. Yet for some strange reason, the Qin Clan experienced a tragic decline, and their lineage’s aptitude for cultivation continually worsened. Finally, from the generation of Qin Lingyu’s great, great grandfather, everyone born thereafter were mere mortals who were completely incompatible with cultivation. Thus, Qin Lingyu and Qin Shanshan became the Qin Clan’s hope for a revival and resurgence in the cultivation world. This was particularly the case for Qin Lingyu, whose talent for cultivation exceeded even the strongest one among all of his ancestors.

Thus, Qin Lingyu’s parents handed to the siblings the most valuable treasures handed down from generation to generation over the centuries. Amongst other things, these treasures included the Origin Lockets.

The Origin Locket could not be considered a high-grade spirit tool to begin with. After all, any spirit tool craftsman of the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation would already be able to create a high-quality Origin Locket. Furthermore, the demand for the Origin Locket was extremely low, because it possessed neither offensive nor defensive abilities; its sole purpose was to keep others informed of whether its master was dead or alive. Once the Origin Locket’s master passed on, the Origin Locket would also shatter and lose its sheen and luster.

Truth be told, most spirit tool craftsmen could hardly be bothered with crafting tools such as the Origin Locket. After all, these items were hardly sought after by...

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