Chapter 272: An Idyllic Scenery Deserves a Good Wine-Pairing

Jun Xiaomo couldn’t stand how Jun Ziwen perpetually looked annoyed or displeased, and she glared furiously at him. However, when it became apparent to her that Jun Ziwen was hardly even looking at her, her mind spun, and a mischievous thought floated into her mind.

Doesn’t this guy find me annoying and want me to leave? Then I’m going to stay right here and annoy you to no end!

Jun Xiaomo’s eyes gleamed, and a wicked smile crept up the corner of her lips. Then, she suddenly slapped the table and called out, “Innkeeper!”

“Hey~~ Coming~~” The innkeeper had just returned to his desk and was still in the midst of counting through his profits for the day when Jun Xiaomo summoned him once more.

Jun Xiaomo had all at once ordered five bottles of aged wine from the innkeeper and paid for them without batting a single eyelid. It had to be mentioned that the price of one such bottle of wine was equal to half of the inn’s average monthly income. Thus, Jun Xiaomo was a massive golden cash cow in the innkeeper’s eye – one that he would not want to offend in the least bit.

“Bring me a few of your largest bowls here.”

“Large--…largest bowls?” The innkeeper couldn’t understand Jun Xiaomo’s request.

“That’s right. The largest bowl – the kind that I can use to drink to my heart’s content.” Jun Xiaomo confirmed in a singsong manner, yet her eye gleamed with a crafty look.

“Oh, oh. I understand. Certainly, certainly. I’ll be right back with it.” The innkeeper turned around again and exclaimed in his heart as he trotted along to his store – Who would’ve expected this dainty and demure looking lady would be such a heavyweight drinker? She’s most certainly extravagant with her consumption!

Respect, respect! A hero among women! Two thumbs up!

Within moments, the innkeeper touted a few large bowls as he trotted back to the table and set the bowls in front of her as he blandished her, “Dear guest, what do you think about these bowls?”

“Mm, mm. Not bad, not bad.” Jun Xiaomo smiled radiantly as she picked up a bowl and chuckled...

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