Chapter 271: A Coincidental Clash of Personality

“Qin Shanshan” was a person who loved the taste of a good wine to begin with. That said, she had not had the right opportunity to appreciate a good wine for a long, long time. Her days, months and years had been spent learning and cultivating while hiding and escaping for her life. One slight slip up in her vigilance could mean the difference between life or death under the claws of a spirit or demonic beast. Where could she find the time or heart to brew her own wine and appreciate it to begin with? It was already very much of a miracle how she had managed to preserve her life over this long, arduous period of time.

It could not be understated that one of the necessary preconditions for enjoying a good wine was a safe environment. If a person’s life were in constant danger, there was no way he could possibly pause and immerse himself in the pleasures of life.

Back then, “Qin Shanshan” had only one condition for the food that she consumed – it sufficed that it did not cause her to die. As to the taste and textures, these were matters that were outside the ambit of her consideration. If she were too particular about these things, she might well have perished in the wilderness from hunger before the spirit or demonic beasts could even strike at her.

But now that the period of crisis was over, and there was nothing in the region that could threaten her life, “Qin Shanshan” couldn’t help but find herself drawn to the prospects of enjoying a good cup of wi...

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