Chapter 270: The Mutually Loathing Duo

Frightened by the works of the imposter Qin Shanshan, the disciples couldn’t help but think that this was the end of their road for them. Just then, the surroundings shifted once more, and the fog vanished quickly before their eyes. As it vanished, the sight that entered their eyes was an idyllic scenery filled with towering mountains with sprawling trees, verdant grass and flowing waters, and sheep lackadaisically grazing on the grass. It was as though this place had been completely untouched by time.

The tense and unnerved disciples paused in their steps in shock, and their eyes widened. They looked around vacantly at the surroundings in complete disbelief.

Moments later, as their spirits returned and they recomposed themselves, they realized that all of their martial brothers around them were accounted for, and not a single person missing.

Even Ye Xiuwen and “Qin Shanshan” who were well behind where they were had caught up to them with a steady gait in their steps. In contrast with the disciples whose tears and mucus were strewn all over their face, replete with disheveled hair and ruffled clothing, Ye Xiuwen and “Qin Shanshan” appeared to be eye-catchingly impeccable in their steadfastness.

However, the Dawn Sect disciples could hardly be bothered with how the two had managed to keep their cool all this while. Their minds were simply filled with an intense rush from the realization that they had overcome the calamity; and this realization superseded any other thoughts in their minds right now.

“Look over there! I think I see...

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