Chapter 269: Imposter Qin Shanshan’s Wicked Tendencies

As a result of their imposition of trust and reliance on Ye Xiuwen, everyone reluctantly accepted his and “Qin Shanshan’s” suggestion to make another attempt down the path once more.

To their minds, they would already be out of this peculiar vicinity if the solution were as simple as making their way down that path once more. After all, would they really be lingering around these parts for a such a long time if they could help it? In fact, the truth of the matter was that they had already grown so frustrated with their predicament that they had all begun to question life and its purposes over the last few days.

The only silver lining was that Qin Shanshan seemed to have recovered from her insanity today. As they walked down the path, she no longer flew into a fit of self-abusing frenzy. In fact, she had become far sullener than before, and she no longer annoyed and vexed people with her incessant flapping lips.

In the eyes of the Dawn Sect disciples, Qin Shanshan’s name had already become synonymous with that of a troublemaker. If not for the fact that Qin Lingyu were Qin Shanshan’s brother, they might well have already left Qin Shanshan behind to languish in the wilderness and fend for herself.

Yet these Dawn Sect disciples who spurned Qin Shanshan could never have guessed that the present “Qin Shanshan” was no longer the Qin Shanshan that they knew. While they were all still sound asleep, the real Qin Shanshan had already perished from the face of this earth.

As they walked down the path, the Dawn Sect disciples had expected the same thing to happen as before, and they would find themselves arriving...

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