Chapter 268: Temporal Alignment of Interests

Without thinking too much about why Ye Xiuwen had suddenly turned around, the lady in black made her way to Qin Shanshan’s corpse once more. As soon as she drew close, she raised her hand and flicked a finger, and a white-hot spark appeared to fly straight onto Qin Shanshan’s body, where it erupted into a huge fire that consumed Qin Shanshan’s corpse in the blink of an eye.

The ground was left with nothing more than ash that was shaped in the figure of a person’s silhouette. A gentle wind swept past, and the final traces of Qin Shanshan’s existence was swept away with the wind just like that.

Finally, the lady in black walked to where Qin Shanshan had been lying and picked up the Interspatial Ring that was lying on the ground. After Qin Shanshan’s death, this Interspatial Ring had once again become an artefact without a master.

Truth be told, the lady in black was hardly interested in the contents of the Interspatial Ring to begin with. However, since her intention was to assume Qin Shanshan’s identity, it was in her best interests to pay attention to the little details so that her cover would not be blown as easily. Thus, she considered things such as Qin Shanshan’s clothes, accessories, weapon of choice, and other similar details. This was one of the reasons why the lady in black had picked up the Interspatial Ring and stashed it in her own Interspatial Ring.

She did not...

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