Chapter 267: The Vacillation Between Hope and Despair in Ye Xiuwen’s Heart

As soon as she saw Ye Xiuwen, the demonic cultivator appeared as though she recalled something important, and a fleeting trace of absent-mindedness flickered across the depths of her eyes.

But she quickly collected herself, and the depths of her eyes became still and iced-over once more. Her pupils quivered with vigilance.

Over the last few days, she gathered from her observations that this man’s surname was Jun, and his full name was Jun Ziwen. Jun Xiaomo could not recall from her memories of her previous life any person in the cultivation world with such a name. Furthermore, she was unsure whether this man simply liked to keep to himself, or he was just unwilling to interact with Qin Shanshan and the others.

That said, she could tell that Jun Ziwen was different from Qin Shanshan and the rest of the Dawn Sect disciples. At the very least, Qin Shanshan and her martial brothers would never of their own volition bury the artefacts that had lost their master into the ground instead of keeping them for themselves. Yet, despite all of that, Jun Xiaomo knew that this was not a determinative as to whether this man was harmless or not.

Jun Xiaomo couldn’t understand why Jun Ziwen wanted to travel together with Qin Shanshan and the rest of her entourage. She knew that Jun Ziwen must have his own reason for doing so, and before eliciting and making clear what exactly his purposes were, she knew it would be imprudent to let her guard down around him.

Just as the black-garbed lady was sizing up Ye Xiuwen vigilantly, Ye Xiuwen was similarly sizing up the black-garbed lady as well.

The first thing that...

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