Chapter 266: Qin Shanshan’s Remorse-Filled Death

When Qin Shanshan was tossed to the ground without any regard to her, she had still been sound asleep.

She felt as though she was dreaming. In her dream, there was a person hounding her for her life, and she could hardly make out any features on that person’s face. She was so frightened that she scrambled all over the place, trying to get away from the madman after her.

The sudden feeling of free falling followed quickly by a painful sensation of slamming into the ground jolted her right back to her senses, and she opened her eyes immediately.

She glanced about her surroundings and gradually began to discover that her surroundings were quite different from the place she had been at when she first fell asleep.

Her dream and reality had seemed to coincide, and she couldn’t help but let out a shrill shriek in fear. She was now as wide awake as she had ever been.

“What is this place? Who dares play a prank on me and bring me here while I’m asleep?!”

“Martial brother Chen?”

“Martial brother Hua?”

“Martial brother Ke? …”

Every time she shouted the name of one of her martial brothers, Qin Shanshan’s heart constricted with increasing fear. On the one hand, she absolutely did not believe that any of the Dawn Sect disciples would have the gall to play such a prank on her in the middle of the night. Yet, on the other hand, she sincerely hoped that this was nothing more than a prank. That way, she could relieve herself of her present consternation and dread after giving the culprit of this prank a harsh excoriation. At the very least, she would not have to worry for her life.

But as reality would have...

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